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Caledon Reduces

Image by Jasmin Sessler


Caledon Reduces is a busy subcommittee of ecoCaledon To increase the idea of a circular economy, by adopting the Roncy Reduces playbook, Caledon Reduces is working to introduce local restaurants and eateries to the idea of circular packaging.  We also have introduced the idea of Repair Cafés to Caledon residents (with the fourth happening on April 22, 2023).  We have a team of regular Plalkers who meet to walk, pick up litter and socialize along the way, with our conversation often focused on the next project we can engage in to reduce waste in our community.

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Caledon's BYO Business Community

Look for our sticker in the window of the following businesses

Covid-19 update: Please remember to ask the businesses if they are currently accepting reusable containers. During these challenging times our local businesses are working hard and their BYO policies may have temporarily changed.

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