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How you can participate

There are many ways to participate in waste reduction. Scroll down to find the best option for you.

GWW Group Photo 2 - Kathryn Tait.png

"Reducing waste is easier than you think"; Green Wave West's Reducing Waste team, with street signage about their 'BYO' project, Bloor and Dufferin.

Find a group in your neighbourhood

Contact your neighbourhood group, see what they are up to and let them know that you would like to get involved. 

The beauty of the Canada Reduces Network is that each local group makes this initiative their own, and what they do varies. While all groups find local businesses to display their BYO sticker in order to make zero waste shopping more accessible, some also have tables at farmers’ markets, organize events for schools, show films, do shoreline and neighbourhood cleanups, and work with environmental organizations that help change policies or spearhead other waste reduction initiatives.


No Reduces Group in your neighbourhood?

Consider starting one! It is a great way to connect with neighbours and neighbourhood businesses and it makes zero waste shopping for yourself almost instantly easier.

Ottawa Reduces members at the Global Climate Strike of September 27th, 2019, holding signs "Quand c'est fondu c'est foutu."

Ottawa Reduces at the Global Climate Strike of September 27th, 2019

CR sticker salt and tobacco.jpg
Cabbagetown Reduces logo no URL.png

Salt & Tobacco Pizzeria on Parliament is happy to put your salads and sides in your BYO container

For businesses

If you are a business or work for one and are interested in reducing single-use plastic and packaging waste, check if there is a Reduces Group in your neighbourhood. Contact them and ask them to drop off a sticker, and they will be happy to promote your package-free efforts on social media. People are always looking for places where they can get groceries, takeout and other items waste-free!

If there is no Reduces Group in your neighbourhood yet, consider starting one! It is a great way to connect with customers, neighbours and other neighbourhood businesses, and being environmentally friendly and waste conscious will most certainly give you extra customer loyalty. 

Ready to start reducing your household waste?

Check out Going zero waste for where to begin and how to grow your zero waste habits.

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