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  • Tina Soldovieri

Exciting News - Upcoming REmarkets in St. Lawrence and Roncesvalles Neighbourhoods!

Hello everyone,

We’d like to invite you to two upcoming REmarkets.

But what exactly is a REmarket? - The REmarket concept was inspired by the Swedish mall ReTuna, in the City of Eskilstuna where “old items are given new life through repair and upcycling. Everything sold is recycled or reused or has been organically or sustainably produced, ... revolutionizing shopping in a climate-smart way.”

St. Lawrence REmarket

The St. Lawrence Waste Reduction Group brought this idea to Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, customized it to their neighbourhood with a wide range of donation and drop off opportunities, repairs by Repair Café Toronto and reuse via a Free Market. They hope to support Toronto in adopting a circular economy, inspire responsible purchasing & disposing and draw attention to the consumer’s role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The St. Lawrence Waste Reduction Group kindly presented the concept to other Reduces Groups at a webinar in May 2022 and is now already hosting its 5th event:

St. Lawrence REmarket September 21st, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm September 22nd, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm St. Lawrence Market Tent - 125 The Esplanade @ Market St.

The SLNA Waste Reduction Group is holding 2 days for the collection of electronics, textiles, books, mobility aids and more. There will be a Free Market on Wednesday from 10am-7pm and on Thursday Repair Cafe Toronto will be available from 11am-3pm to repair clothing, jewelry, small appliances, home electronics and housewares. Learn more on the event page.

Roncesvalles REmarket

Roncy Reduces felt very inspired by the idea and hosts its first REmarket on Saturday, Sept 24th. Along with many repair, donation and drop off opportunities (see list below!), learning about single-use waste reduction initiatives and businesses is a key element of the Roncesvalles REmarket. We hope to connect consumers, restaurants and coffee shops with reusable cup, container and bag providers - such as Circulr, Dreamzero/Muuse, Inwit, PACKT and Suppli –, the City of Toronto’s Reducing Single-Use Program and the Toronto Environmental Alliance’s Reusable TO initiative. You will be able to meet and speak with all of them!

Roncesvalles' First REmarket September 24th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Roncesvalles United Church parking lot @ 240 Roncesvalles Ave. (inside in case of rain)

REUSE, REPAIR, LEARN, DONATE & DROP OFF to radically REDUCE WASTE in our daily lives. – Practice going circular, check out the event page.

Offers include: a teen clothing swap; bike and small textile repairs; repair advice for broken household items, jewellery and toys; upcycled tote bags and wool blankets and scarves; native plants and gardening advice; vermicomposting

Drop off opportunities: all unwanted textiles (can be ripped but have to be washed); electronics (cellphones, computers, headphones etc.); dead pens, markers and batteries; empty printer cartridges, yogurt containers, mason jars.

Accepted donations: adult warm winter clothing; unopened fresh, frozen or pantry food items (Community Fridges); non-perishable food items; unopened medical supplies; prosthetics & air casts; prescription eyeglasses.

And last but not least LIVE MUSIC! Music makes any market better, and it helps our community to celebrate the much-needed change to more environmentally friendly habits and life styles presented at the REmarket. - Come and see Broks Ewins Music!

We hope to see you at one of the Remarkets!

Start collecting now 🙂


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