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  • Tina Soldovieri

Welcome to Canada Reduces

We are super excited for you to explore our brand-new website Canada Reduces!

The pandemic has shaken up our lives in unforeseen ways. It has also enabled us to collectively decrease our emissions, see what happens if we give wildlife even a little more space, and connect more frequently with the natural spaces around us. It has been a year of incredible learning about the need to combat racism against BIPOC members of our society everywhere, including within environmental organizations.

For the global movement against plastic pollution the pandemic has been a set back. The use of single-use plastics tripled. Suddenly, the reusable bags and containers we had tirelessly lobbied to be able to use were banned from many places. But instead of letting go of our BYO initiative, we decided to build it an online home to make it even stronger because the plastic crisis is not going away – it gets worse every day with more single-use waste piling up on our planet.

So, during the past few months we have been working on this website and it’s great to see it finally launch today. Our goal is to spread information:

  • what Reduces Groups are all about

  • in which neighbourhoods you can find them

  • how you can start your own group

  • offer tools and resources that we have used ourselves

  • connect you with ideas and resources for zero waste living.

We hope you find our website helpful.

Canada Reduces is not an organization but a network of local groups, and while you can email us at canada.reduces[at], the best thing to do is: contact your local group or visit them on social media. If you don’t see a group in your area, consider talking to your favourite neighbours and starting one ;).

Happy Spring everyone!

Beth & Tina


Mark your calendars for this upcoming event:

Virtual Town Hall on Single-use Plastic in Toronto on April 20, 2021

Join Councillor Gord Perks, Roncy Reduces, the Toronto Environmental Alliance and Inwit along with members of the Parkdale High-Park community to hear a discussion about how businesses, citizens and governments can work together to reduce single-use plastic.


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