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Bloor West Reduces

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Jane Street (West), High Park Avenue (East), Annette (North), Bloor West Village (South)
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Our group began through the collaboration of six youth that came together through a youth program focused on tackling climate change at the local level. We wanted to help support other actions being taken at the grassroots level and found that local groups around the city were organizing to tackle single use plastics at the neighbourhood level.

We organize with other grassroots groups around plastic reduction. This involves coming together through community events focusing on waste reduction (e.g. low was holidays) and community clean ups.

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Bloor West's BYO Business Community

Look for our sticker in the window of the following businesses

Covid-19 update: Please remember to ask the businesses if they are currently accepting reusable containers. During these challenging times our local businesses are working hard and their BYO policies may have temporarily changed.

Bloor Village Flowers

2208 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporter and allows customers to opt out of plastic wrapper with natural options

Falafel World

2396 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporter and allows BYOB container & bag

Rowe Farms

2230 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporter and products in reusable containers

Tender Love and Carrots

2209 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporter and offers bottle return and one dollar discount on your next purchase

Coffee Tree Roastery

2412 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporter and allowed BYOB prior to COVID

Lemon and Lavender

2344 Bloor St W, Toronto


Say Tea

2362 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporter and offers tea steepers and loose leaf teas

The Body Shop

2366 Bloor St W, Toronto


Creative Matters

532 Annette St, Toronto


Quipus Crafts

2414 Bloor St W, Toronto

supporters and offers reusable bags

Snappers Fish Market

263 Durie St, Toronto

supporter and does not choose to wrap their fish in plastic and paper instead

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