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BYO Vancouver

Clark Drive (W), E Hastings (N), Victoria Drive (E), Kingsway (S)


BYO Vancouver - Canada Reduces' first western group – launches in the Winter of 2021. While there are plans to spread the program throughout the city, the initial roll out targets Commercial Drive, a vibrant 20-block neighbourhood in East Vancouver that is full of cafes, delis, grocery stores and restaurants. 


It all started in March 2021 when two Vancouver friends decided to start their own group, inspired by the success of Canada Reduces in Ontario. Four months later, BYO Vancouver won a small “Greenest City Neighbourhood” grant, allowing the team to ramp up printing of BYO stickers, crafting of business and consumer flyers, and designing training sheets to illustrate how to safely fill personal containers for restaurants, delis and cafes. The training how-to sheets follow all provincial health regulations to the letter. 


In the Fall of 2021, the BC Ministry of Health handed down the official provincial health and safety protocols for the use of personal reusable containers. In order to qualify for reusable container service in BC, businesses must contact their Environmental Health Officer (EHO) at Vancouver Coastal Health (604) 675-3800.


This official step presents a small barrier for business owners, but we're confident that together we can have a big impact on single use plastic waste in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood!

How-to instructions to support businesses

BYO Vancouver incorporated BC Ministry of Health Protocols to create these 3 useful handouts to accomplish 2 important goals: 

  • To show businesses how to safely serve food in customer supplied reusable containers

  • To update businesses on the latest BC Ministry of Health policy regarding safe handling of reusable personal containers.

EastVan_How to for businesses image.png
Deli counter service
eastvan_deli counter service.png

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BYO Vancouver's Business Community

Covid-19 update: Please remember to ask the businesses if they are currently accepting reusable containers. During these challenging times our local businesses are working hard and their BYO policies may have temporarily changed.

Bosa Foods

562 Victoria Drive

Italian Specialty Foods

Eternal Abundance

1025 Commercial Drive

All-organic market and vegan eatery

Bosa Foods

1465 Kootenay Street

Italian Specialty Foods

East End Food Co-op

1034 Commercial Drive

Bulk and grocery

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