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  • Tina Soldovieri

Remarkets are not getting old!

2023 saw ever more community led REmarkets happening in Toronto – hosted by the St. Lawrence Waste Reduction Group (they hosted their 8th REmarket!!!), and also by the Regal Heights Village BIA.

The last Toronto REmarket of the year will take place this weekend: it’s the Roncesvalles REmarket on Saturday, October 21, 10 AM – 3 PM @ the Roncesvalles United Church (240 Roncesvalles Ave.).

Why REmarkets?

Well… do you also get that depressing feeling when you see a ton of single-use coffee cups and takeout containers, a deserted bag of textiles, or when you throw something out that simply requires one part to be repaired (but you don’t know anyone who could help you with it)?

That’s why we have REmarkets! They are fun, friendly environmental community events to drop off, donate, swap and - most of all – learn how we can create different ways of life in which communities become circular and a lot more sustainable.

See the list of all the things you can do at the Roncesvalles REmarket below.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

The Roncy Reduces Team


Roncesvalles REmarket Offerings:

REPAIR - Repair Café (housewares, electronics, digital devices and clothing). - Go Dutch Bikes’ clinic for simple repairs. Plus: check out what's so cool about Dutch bikes.

SWAP FREE Teen Clothing Swap!

Get in a great mood by LISTENING To LIVE music by Roncy Jam Factory.

LEARN - Learn about solar panels and heat pumps @ Neighbourhood Energy Solutions (NES). - Get to know cutting-edge return/ reuse businesses like Arrise, Circulr, Muuse and Suppli. - Visit LiveGreen and the City of Toronto's Reducing Single-Use Program - sign up if you are a business! - Learn how you can takeout & shop waste-free by doing BYO @ the Roncy Reduces table. - Take the ZERO WASTE QUIZ and win a prize!! (Also at the Roncy Reduces table .) - Learn about Too Good TO GO - the food waste reduction app. - Visit TEA and the Reusable TO initiative. - Learn about vermicomposting. Plus: a seedling activity for kids - by Greenest City. - Learn how to be pollinator friendly @ Project Swallowtail. - Visit the Senior Climate Action Network (SCAN). - Visit the environmental children’s book author Ecomariko!

DROP OFF - Unwanted electronics to Quantum Lifecycle Partners. - Used dental products at the TerraCycle collection box. - All unwanted clean, dry textiles to the Salvation Army. - No longer needed mason jars & Circulr brands at Circulr. - Empty yogurt containers & jars for Roncesvalles United Church’s (RUC) Dinner for Dignity. - Old prescription eyeglasses at Phila Optical’s collection box. - Dead pens & markers, empty batteries, printer cartridges at the STAPLES collection box.

DONATE - Warm adult winter clothing for the Roncesvalles United Church (RUC) clothing bank. - Non-perishable food items for the Dinner with Dignity offered at the RUC. - Large travel suitcases or backpacks to Not Just Tourists (no carry-on). - Unopened medical supplies (can be expired) to Not Just Tourists. - Used air casts, prosthetic socks/legs/arms/feet & footwear for Prosthetics for Foreign Donation PFFD.

SHOP - Soaps in mason jars or BYO containers at Saponetti.

- The Source Bulk Foods.

- Native plants at Project Swallowtail. - Upcycled wool/ cashmere scarves and blankets at Woolgathering Nat. - Upcycled textile, zero waste neck pillows, head bands, pet toys, eye pillow at Lazy Bones Cozy.

- Zero-waste samosas by Dil Se (BYO plate, container or napkin!) @ Roncy Reduces. - Zero-waste cookies @ Roncy Reduces. - Organic cotton produce bags @ Roncy Reduces. - Reusable tote bags at Roncy Reduces and Dinner with Dignity.

Next REmarket: January 24 & 25, 2024 St. Lawrence Market Tent organized by the St. Lawrence Waste Reduction Group.


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