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  • Tina Soldovieri

Special Thanks

We received many lovely messages congratulating us on the launch of the Canada Reduces website last month. One of the most exciting came from people interested in bringing the initiative to Vancouver and starting East Van Reduces! We're looking forward to seeing this network grow.

We cannot give enough thanks to all the people who helped grow the Reduces group initiative by believing in it, developing and building it, talking and reporting about it and – most of all - starting groups in many neighbourhoods across Toronto and beyond. Ottawa Reduces was the first group, of now six, outside the GTA. Thank you all very much!

Additionally, Emily Alfred from the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) generously hosted and facilitated multiple gatherings for the network and helped us build a stronger coalition. Many thanks to our friends at Zero Waste Hub Toronto, Green Neighbours Network (GNN) and LiveGreen Toronto who have been great supporters since the beginning. And thank you Katrina McGuire for creating a map for the Toronto groups which showed the extent of our coverage across the city.

During its first year Roncy Reduces received generous support from Meridian, Lush and the Roncesvalles BIA. In 2021 we received microgrant support for this website from the Green Neighbours Network and The RePlace.

Those are the many pieces of a growing puzzle and you all made a difference. Thank you!


Event Announcement: Virtual Town Hall on ditching single-use plastic

Tues. April 20, 6:30-8 pm

Please join Councillor Perks, Roncy Reduces, the Toronto Environmental Alliance, InWit and local business owners, along with members of the Parkdale High-Park community to hear how businesses, citizens and governments can work together to reduce the single-use plastic that is drowning our world.

This Virtual Town Hall is organized by Parkdale High Park for Climate Action.

Register and join at:

Onward, friends!

Tina & Beth


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